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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Story 17 from Brenda Grover

In Reply to Alan Brenda sends this story..

Reading your Lancing history, i have just come back to live here, and i saw your parents were friends of my Uncle Pearce and Aunty Mildred. I love being back here and just walking around, brings back so many memories of such a wonderful childhood, and what a wonderful place to live.
 My sons who are 35 & 37, grew up here, and they are always saying thankyou for a wonderful childhood. With as you say the beach and downs. I went up the Lancing Ring after the storm, and cried as my great grandfather helped to plant those trees, and i knocked at the door of church villa , and asked if i could look around the old family house, wonderful so many memories. I love Lancing, it has got a bit more larger,but in a way has not changed at all. Thank you again for your write up.
 I live Penhill now but used to live North Lancing, and went to North Lancing primary school with Miss Tait and Miss Humphries, I remember Mr Stear.
 Thank you again for a nice and good read.

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