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Monday, 31 March 2014

35. Graham Franklin

I lived in North Rd, number 55, which was a grocery and pet food shop. ( I think it sells fish and chips now!)

We moved there in 1961, I was 5, and went to South Lancing School almost opposite our shop. Then went on to Irene Avenue School and finally Boundstone. I moved away from the area in 1969 aged 13, to Bournemouth.

I think it is a magical place. I have fond memories of all my old school friends. Lancing rec, he manor where I attended sea scouts, tennis at The Manor with Susan Collins, whom I admired from afar!

The Chalk Pit, great fun to be had.  Evening football training with Lancing FC under floodlights, wow, such great memories.

Any old pals want to get in touch I am on Facebook, or graham.franklin@jewson.co.uk

Great pages, thanks.