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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

44. Colin Harrison recalls Boundstone School early days

. I spent my childhood in the lovely village of lancing, and have so many good memories, Dad worked in the railway works after his discharge from the Army, right up to it's closure, Mum worked part time in Fircroft house. I attended North Lancing county primary school , then one year at Irene avenue secondary  and was one of the first year at Boundstone, the previous year we boys had been up there on 'day release' so to speak, to do woodwork and metal work, as those classrooms were the first to be built and finished. I remember all of the school being told we all had to pay a pound towards the construction of the school swimming pool, situated in the open behind the police houses, a right cheek as I left before its opening, so never ' splashed in anger. I spent the 1960's working around Sussex, then wondered off to see the world, returning to live now in Eastbourne in my old age. Thank you again for the info and some of those wonderful old photos of the Lancing I loved.
Yours Colin Harrison, late of Fircroft Avenue. 


pete west said...

after reading your letter I think we know each other I was your mate back in the 60s I think, my name is Pete West we went to school together and nocked around together. I used to live in Irene avenue Lancing. I would like to get in touch hope you get this message.

pete west said...

my name is pete west I think I used to know you I lived in Irene avenue and I went to Boundstone school the same time as you did. did you go to scottlad in a Hillman minx?? hope you get this message love to get in touch.

Roger said...

Hi just seen. Your letter don't know if you remember me my name is roger hoare and we lived across the road from you at number 51 .
I can remember playing football in the street and kicking the ball through neighbors window and we disappeared quickly on the bus to Worthing hopefully till fuss was over.hope you see this.