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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bill Lindfield Audio History

Coming soon, more from Bill Lindfield

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RangerLancing said...

Hi Bill, you are the first person who has mentioned Wedges School Farm near Horsham. I too attended this (I used to live at Wenciling Cottages Brighton Road, near New Salts Farm) and attended Wedges from 1952 to 1953 approx. I too missed my eleven + exams or at least did not know I was taking them. Do you have any pictures of Wedges - it has been replaced with a upmarket estate now called "Wedges", which we found on a visit to the "old country" back in 1992.

I now live in Perth, Western Australia but have happy memories of Lancing whre I went to South Lancing primary and general Lancing ares.

I am going to save your website and read it at my leasure. Anita W, Perth WA