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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Story 13 from Brenda Redford

Brenda writes:
I used to come to Lancing to visit my Grandmother in North Farm Road in the fifties as a youngster in the school holidays. My aunt and uncle lived in Tower Road. I remember going to the Luxor to see Singing in the Rain and other films that were on at the time. I remember walking a lovely Labrador called Jaffa as he was orangey red in colour. My grandfather worked for the railways which was at Churchill Industrial Estate. In North Road there was a cobbler and a small sweet shop. Also Woolworth's had small shopping baskets for us children that couldn't manage a large one. I also remember a horse drawn milk float delivering milk and groceries. Sadly my Grandmother has passed on now but I am now living in Lancing myself and still walk dogs, my own and also run dog training classes. I expect some of you have seen me around and maybe have come to our classes. Lovely memories. I still love Lancing.
-she adds
I also used to ride the horses up over New Road owned by the Bridles.
Brenda Redford

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