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Ray Hamblett said...

On behalf of Scott Jackson who emailed this message ...

Good morning Ray

Congratulations on your website - certainly a blast from the past for some of us.

I lived in North Lancing from 1945 until around 1950, then moved to Tower Road until I joined the navy in 1958, so I spent most of my formative years in Lancing. Sadly I don't have any family ties there now except for a few cousins (surname Scott). I have lived here in east Scotland for more than 50 years.

I enjoyed the article by Alan Marshall, when I realised that he was a pal of mine when we were at Worthing High School - he lived a short distance from our house in Tower road.

Would you mind passing this on to Alan? If he remembers me he could drop me a line.

Keep up the good work

kind regards

Scott Jackson

Cindy Young said...

I am wondering if anyone knew the Youngs from 31 Wembley Road Lancing. They would have lived there in the 40's and 50's. They were Florence and Percy Young.

Ray Hamblett said...

Cindy, if you're a facebook user. There is Landing History. A group formed by Lin Wake. Post your question there :-)