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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Story 6 from Joan Hamilton

Story 6
Joan (Sparkes) Hamilton writes:
Quite by accident I came upon your very interesting site.
I started this morning on Google looking for Halewick Farm, Sompting, that used to be my home.

Lancing Clump was a favourite place of mine, I daily rode my horse through and around it when I was a teenager, before the war.
Then there was an old tree with a big low branch, gone after that storm, [1987] but I have pictures of my children and then grandchildren standing on it.

 I am very glad to learn that the area has been made a reserve.
 I also lived at Cokeham Manor, at a very early age, I see you have found my cousin Edward Sparkes's Mumblings, what an interesting morning I have had!
I have lived in Canada since 1946, I married a Canadian soldier and came to Canada as a War bride, my visits are not so frequent now but I still have lots of memories.
If you would like to contact Joan write to: jehamilton(at)sympatico.ca

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