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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Story 7 from Valerie Brown

Story 7
I lived in Pratton Avenue from 1938 (then 2 years old) to 1955. We used to play in a field at the top of Pratton Avenue, which is now a built up area. At the other end of the street we used to shop at a green grocers owned by two sisters, I think their name was Hibdige and also a sweet shop owned by a Mr Brown.
 The bungalow we lived in was called Lorretto and I think it was number 9. My Dad built an air raid shelter in the back garden which we used to sleep in when the siren went off and my brother and I slept in hammocks which I remember falling out of.
I attended North Lancing school when Miss Humphreys was headmistress and Irene Avenue Secondary School and the headmaster then was a Mr Russell.
 I have been in Australia since 1965 but visited Lancing a few years ago and much had changed - I managed to get a photo of Lorretto which had been wonderfully updated but unfortunately no one was home!
 I vividly remember the huge concrete blocks and barbed wire all along the seafront during the war years and was delighted when it was all over and we could spend school holidays on the beach.

Valerie Brown
Mallesons Stephen Jaques

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