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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Story 9 from Paul Kelly

Having been born in Worthing and lived there until just before my 21st birthday
I was having a good look at the Lancing and Sompting site and came across the photo of the ironmongers shop in Penhill Road.
You may be interested to know that I worked in that shop for a while after I left school but it was then owned by A.J. Eakins.
I got the job through his son John who I went to school with. I wonder what happened to them all.
Other than that the shop doesn't look so different than when I worked there in the late 1950's

Paul Kelly
Adelaide, Australia

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Nickname unavailable said...

I know I know you, I remember you outside when I would go home, I lived in Beverly house and rode my bike everywhere. My name was Janet Baker, but I doubt that you would remember that. Do you happen to have a photo?. My e-mail address is freemaja_1@hotmail.com
I am in Dallas at the moment, but traveled extensively for work.
This little site is awesome, the memories are a delight, I would love to see many more of our contemporaries with stories on here.