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Friday, 16 December 2011

19.Memory from Jan Baker-Freeman

This story was originally posted as a comment below another story in May 2010

I should of done it more justice and given it a full placing in these stories . I am correcting this here.

Jan writes..
..I too just came upon this site, and it brings back all the memories of my 7 years of growing up in Lancing, all the people I remember, all the people I would love to know how they are doing now.
This brought so much pleasure it is amazing. 

All this started with a need for school records for a job with the Dallas Police Dept, which at 65, I eventually withdrew from.

 My name is Jan(et) Baker-Freeman, I moved from Grange Hill Essex, a council house exchange by my Grand parents, William and Alice Baker, to 177 Tower Rd, next to the Messers, Linda, David and I think Christopher, I remember Diane Bacon, Barbara Gorringe, her Father was the rent man, then there was Mr. & Mrs. Tom Reynolds the postie, and they had a son who's name I don't recall, he must not have lived there, as I was close as an only child to these people.
 I remember the Brenda and Richard Pitt who emigrated to Australia, I think their Dad had the green grocers on South St. It's people I remember, as well as places, I am recalling the people I used to see in the places you mention. 
 I remember the Betteridge girls, Patsy Leggit, Frances Martin, Jennifer Cook, Lillian ? from Busby Close, Susan and Janet Shepherd who went to Beverley House on Penhill Road, as did I, after I came out of hospital after contracting polio.

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Huss and chips at the chip shop on Penhill, great pickled onions and gherkins.

 I remember Saturday morning pictures, I was on the committee, not sure I ever accomplished anything.
 I remember school mates, Frances Shapland, Maureen Singer, Barbara McGuiness, Carol Mason, Sheilagh Churcher, Margareet Deacon, Margaret Cheetham, Ivy Sullivan, Avril Barraclough, just so many girls..

 The "rec", biking to Arundel, most likely a difficult feat today, many cars on the roads.
Carolyn Holden, Mary Goldsmith, Christopher Riddle, Jennifer Wintle, Honnie Marshall, Carol Burchet, her mother was the restaurant manager at the Odeon. Just 7 short years, to know and remember all these names, what a great place for a child to grow up.

When I returned I worked for Tesco in Worthing then SPD and Solarbo, A C Draycot part time such a small world. Lovely memories of the ocean, rough and green often, the downs, Devils Dyke, Brighton Pier, Worthing Pier where I spent my pennies in silly games.

 What a delightful trip down memory lane.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lancing Bandstand/Shelter

Does anyone have any historical information about the concrete bandstand/shelter at the west end of beach green?