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Sunday, 26 April 2015

46. Marion Dolemore-Bushby sends information

Marion Dolamore-Bushby wrote to me and wished to share the following..

Dear Ray, My fathers family were Bushbys. My grandfather was born at Church Farmhouse opposite St James church N Lancing. His father William and grandfather were millers and his uncle was Charles Bushby who owned South House,
The first picture is supposedly Lancing mill.
The second is South House c 1860.
Third is from George Shaws book and a picture of Bushby homestead with fig trees.

Mr Shaw told me this was South House (presumably the barns) but I am unsure that he was certain of this.
 The next picture is of Lancing mill. I do not know who the people are.
The last picture is of Charles's 3 spinster daughters living in South House in all those rooms ! when families of 6 or more children lived in two or three rooms.

Hope this is of interest. I do have more on the family and maybe you know of people who have other info of interest to me as well?
I spent a long time searching for a picture of South House and only found the one here recently. I am unaware of any others.
 I have a painting of the mill that a distant relative sent me so will send that on to you if you wish. Marion .....

And so she did...

This is the painting I was sent by a distant Bushby cousin, which is of Lancing Mill.

I dont know the authenticity of that. Maybe you do or can work it out from the view. I have been to Lancing on many
occasions, however I received this picture since moving to Australia so cannot visit to see for myself.
Hope its of interest. Marion [dolamore-bushby]

Marion wrote again..
I am enclosing two photos of William Bushby the miller's daughters. I only have one other picture of his children and that is my grandfather Edward Dolamore-Bushby, who was a baker.
George William as you probably know was a butcher.
These pictures are of Clara, with the two Challen girls holding kittens, and Emily.

I have done my family tree so might be of use at sometime. 

many thanks to Marion for thes  words and marvellous pictures

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