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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

50. Hilary sends an article about Horace Duke

I was so pleased to find your website on “Memories of Lancing”.  Indeed it did bring back a lot of memories and I am so glad you set it up.

I wonder if you remember Horace Duke, a flamboyant and  eccentric character, who donned Edwardian dress and who used to cycle along the
the Lower Brighton Road in the 1960s?  I found an old newspaper cutting of him, in a collection of photographs belonging to my late aunt.   Unfortunately I do not have an actual date on the newspaper cutting, but there is mention of “Mods and Rockers” in the article, and having looked up the Lancing Rep productions
mentioned on the article alongside, I deduce the the date to be around June 1967.

I understand from searching on the internet that he, sadly died in 1995.  But I have discovered no photographs of him online, which is a shame.
I wonder if anyone knows anything about him?  The article mentions he lived in Brighton Road, Lancing.  He certainly was an enigma! 
I wondered if the article about him might be of interest to you for your website.

Our extended family moved to the Sompting/Lancing area between 1958 and 1965, but I now live in Norfolk, although my mother is still in Sompting.